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Behaviour-Based Assessments

Skyrise City and CareerRise

Our most popular behavioural assessments place your candidates in a futuristic office setting with up to nine levels, measuring 33 personality and cognitive traits. These include traits such as resilience and emotional stability, areas of personality that hard to objectively assess through self-report questionnaires.

Additionally, our assessments are suitable for individuals with learning disabilities or impairments such as dyslexia and colour blindness, and in fact allow them to showcase their fit for a role more effectively than traditional measures.

Graduates and Apprentices

These assessments have been designed for everyone, young or old, male or female, including those not familiar with psychometrics, who may struggle with paper-based tests, or find traditional assessments tedious. Our research has shown that the immersive nature and app-based interface of our assessment reduces feelings of anxiety. A total of 81% of candidates felt more relaxed when taking our assessments compared with traditional methods.

Our assessments can be customised to include branding elements - see our options here.

Manager and Candidate Reports

Our assessments gather up to 12,000 data points about your candidates’ areas of natural strength and development, which are instantly presented to you in our manager report. This report also includes each candidate’s “fit” within the job role and company.

Implementing our assessments in your “Early Careers” hiring process can reduce both time to hire and cost per hire, while simultaneously increasing the calibre of candidates reaching the later stages of the selection process, due to an improved fit for the role and company.

You can opt to supply candidates with their own, less comprehensive version of the report after assessment completion. Both the timing of the report (i.e. instant vs. at the end of the application process), as well as the level of detail candidates receive is entirely customisable. Providing candidates with feedback not only makes for a better application experience, but also improves your employer brand. Both manager and candidate reports can be branded. See our branding options here.


We also offer add-on solutions to help you create an end-to-end selection process and seamless candidate experience.

Assessment Centre Design

Get the most out of your assessment days with our bespoke service offering. Our team can design group activities, presentation plans as well as immersive and digital ‘Day in the Life’ scenarios and ‘escape rooms’!

Interview Questions

We can also provide interview guides for each candidate to allow you to dig deeper into their areas of strength and development, as indicated by our behavioural assessment. These can be scenario-based, and are suitable for video interview platforms.